Forum : Understanding Hate Crimes And Protecting Places Of Worship

L to R – Sitting - Morris Grunill, Fort Bend Church; Dr. Zahra Jamal, Rice University; Rev Gregory Han, IMG –Interfaith; Jason Plotkin, Jewish representative; Shri Kedar Thakker, BAPS Mandir Admin; L to R – Standing - Vijay Pallod, Kim Milstead (Dept. of Justice), Harpeet Mocha (Dept. of Justice); Tara Narasimhan; Bhawna Luthra, Gopal [...]

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Thara Narasimhan Named President Of Hindus Of Greater Houston

Hindus of Greater Houston - Board of Directors Left to Right: Gopal Aggarwal, Hemant Jadhav,(Jt. Secretary) Bharat Pallod –Hindu Youth Camp, Board of Advisor, Girish Naik, (Treasurer)Sreemathy Ranganathan, Bhawna Luthra( Secretary) , Thara Narasimhan(President), Partha Krishnaswamy, (Immediate Past President) Sanjay Jain, (Vice President) Somansh Agarwal, Swapan Dhairyawan, Vijay Pallod. Not in Picture: Tupil Narasiman, Vinod [...]

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Houston Indo-Americans condemn terrorist attack in Kashmir

Members of Houston’s Indo-American community came together this week to honor more than 40 Indian soldiers killed in a recent suicide bombing in a disputed Indian region. About 200 people packed India House, a community center in southwest Houston, for the Wednesday night event. The tone in the room was somber and patriotic as musicians [...]

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Hindu faithful wash away their impurities during Kumbh Mela festival

Gopal Aggarwal recently returned home to Sugar Land from what may be the largest faith gathering in the world — the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage held every three years in India. “Kumbh Mela is a wonderful, big festival of unity,” Aggarwal said. “I love it. It’s a wonderful blessing.” He and his [...]

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Guru’s message of hope still resonates today

Guru Gobind Singh is revered for establishing a code for the Sikh religion and forming the faith into its current shape more than 300 years ago. The guru is remembered as a philosopher, saint and soldier, as well as a true advocate for equality and religious freedom. His birthday falls on Saturday, and Sikhs mark [...]

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