Guru’s message of hope still resonates today

Guru Gobind Singh is revered for establishing a code for the Sikh religion and forming the faith into its current shape more than 300 years ago. The guru is remembered as a philosopher, saint and soldier, as well as a true advocate for equality and religious freedom.

His birthday falls on Saturday, and Sikhs mark the date by remembering the legacy of their religious leader.

In the Sikh tradition, holidays are not celebrated in the same way as in other religions. In fact, all days and spaces are considered holy.

Still, there are times on the calendar that call for the examination of history, Bobby Singh explained.

Singh is an active member of Houston’s Sikh community, moving to the city about 36 years ago. He has also worked with the Houston Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in community outreach programs to encourage inclusion and was regional director of the Sikh American Legal Defense Fund.

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