About Us

Hindus of Greater Houston was started in 1989 to unite all Hindus under one roof and celebrate one popular Hindu festival “Janmashtami”,Birth of Lord Krishna and to share the richness of Hindu Traditions together and open the doors free to all. The festival fortifies the core tenets of the Hindu faith and reinforces love towards all living things, reverence towards Planet Earth, peaceful coexistence for all and make the whole world to exist as one large family. With spiritual integration and universal brotherhood, we endeavor to contribute as visionary leaders with successful progression to provide a platform for all Hindu causes. We are proud to voice our opinion through public media over the internet, newspapers – local, national and international and via broadcasting a segment on the Voice of Sanatan Hinduism radio program. We strive hard to build the community stronger working along with other entities that form the heterogeneous social and cultural fabric of Greater Houston area. With many selfless volunteers we serve the Hindu Community with great humility, dedication and selfless endeavors.